Minnesota Assault Attorney

Sicoli Law has been practicing in the area of criminal defense representation and assault defense since 1987. Voted Super Lawyer by his peers, Robert D. Sicoli will work aggressively to defend your rights every step of the way. Do not settle for less than top-quality representation from Sicoli Law.

Assault charges are the result of highly emotional and frightening experiences. Investigators and police officers are the last person you should talk to – always talk to a criminal defense attorney before talking to the police.

Below are some of the types of assault in Minnesota:

  • First Degree Assault: Occurs when great bodily harm was inflicted upon another or deadly force was used.
  • Second Degree Assault: Involving assault with a dangerous weapon that generally results in significant bodily harm.
  • Third Degree Assault: When a person commits assault inflicting substantial bodily harm.
  • Fourth Degree Assault: When an individual commits assault against a police officer, emergency room doctor, firefighter, national resource employee, nurse or other similar individual.
  • Fifth Degree Assault: When a person commits assault against another in an attempt to cause bodily harm, death or fear.
  • Domestic Assault: When a person commits assault against another in the household. This may include physical harm or creating a fear of violence.


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