Minnesota Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer

At Sicoli Law, we are here to help both businesses’ and individuals accused of serious tax crimes. We have the qualifications and experience to represent clients faced with serious criminal tax charges.

Sicoli Law is sensitive to both the financial and the possible criminal penalties associated with tax fraud or tax evasion. It is unwise to represent yourself or your business alone when being investigated by IRS special investigtors. Often IRS investigators show up in large numbers at your home or place of business and answering their questions yourself may set yourself up for more harm then good. The moment an IRS investigator shows up at your home or office, contact a tax fraud lawyer with the experience you can trust. Penalties for IRS tax fraud may include prison time or property forfeiture.

When you need an experienced tax fraud defense lawyer, Sicoli Law can help you. Call us today at 612-871-0709 to schedule a free consultation.

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